Sweeper adn strange effects?! Also with lighttpd

I have programmed a sweeper for a model (no registering through
controller). I encountered some problems with that:

The sweeper was only called once when i initialized it in
envrionment.rb by callinf MySweeper.instance.

Then with webbrick it worked fine when I called MySweeper.instnce in
the vefore filter of application.rb (which I think is not good at all)

With lighthttpd this does not work, the sweeper is NEVER called.

So I tried to add it in the config part (observe) of environment.rb but
thanI got an error that one plugin that my model (that I observe) uses
is not found (seems that they are not loaded then)

I tried to add it after the config, but also the sweeper is never

Why is the sweeper not called on lighttpd and on webrick it works fine.
What is the difference. How can I use sweepers on lighthttp?

Anyone using sweeper with lighttpd?


If you're not using a controller in your sweeper, you should be using
an Observer instead. You can specify them to be instantiated in one
of two ways:

# config/environment.rb
config.active_record.observers << :my_observer

# your controller
observer :my_observer

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