SVG's as backgrounds: Magick Corners Plugin

Magick Corners is a Rails plugin for adding Scalable Vector Graphics as backgrounds to css-elements without a hassle. It can scale and stretch them to size, and also generate them for simple cases like a div with rounded corners.

After installing the plugin you can apply rounded corners to any dom-object (only divs are officially supported) using css-selectors, like:   mcorners = new MagickCorners();   mcorners.add(‘div.logi_body’);

And also display any SVG image as the background of divs of any size with:   mcorners.add(‘div.add_tag’, {‘scaled_image’ : ‘add_tag.svg’});

Images are scaled/folded to suit. See the full Magick Corners docs for a code example and detailed installation instructions:

Magick Corners is under the Affero GPL, and developed by the LogiLogi Foundation (


Wybo Wiersma