I discovered a new web site called AGLOCO!
I discovered a new web site that is about to publicly launch, and I
feel I need to tell everyone about it. AGLOCO promises to pay you to
do what you normally do - use your browser to surf the web. And, if
you tell your friends about it, you both will earn money.

Simple... And totally free to join. There is zero cost to become a
member, so get in early and tell your friends before they are already
members. Like most companies, those who are early and active stand to
benefit the most.

Here is the URL to join or find out more information:

Become a part of the next generation of the Internet. As an economic
network, AGLOCO is helping shape the future role of consumers on the
web. Join now and get involved in the future of the Internet.

What happens when you sign up for AGLOCO is simple: you install a
piece of software on your computer that displays a small Viewbar below
your current web browser window. That Viewbar has ads on it that
change based on where you surf. If you go to an antique site, you
might see ads for antiques. If you go to a news site, you might see
ads for blogs, just like you do now with ads from Google and Yahoo.

You don't have to click on the ads or stare at the Viewbar. You just
have to have it up and running. You get paid money for every hour it's
open (up to five hours a month). Further, you get paid for every hour
that your friends view the Viewbar. And your money extends 5 levels
deep - you, signing up friends who sign up their friends who sign up
their friends who sign up their friends who sign up their friends, and
you make money at every level.

And the money adds up fast. Say you have 5 people you end up signing
up, and they sign up 5 people each.

That's 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125 people that are surfing and making
money for themselves...and for you. And remember, it's absolutely free
to be an AGLOCO member.

If you go directly to the AGLOCO site, please use my Referral Member
ID: BBDF7566

The toolbar is currently in beta and will be available very soon.
Right now we want to build up our referral networks!

James Lovingtown