Suppress the generation of the authenticity_token div

I've made a patch for ticket #5901, "suppress the generation of the
authenticity_token div" to let a Rails application validate against
the W3C Validator. Can someone review this patch?

Lighthouse ticket with the patch:

I thought I saw a commit like this a while ago. Maybe I was wrong,
will confirm when I go back to my workstation.

Anyway, would you mind sharing why the validator doesn't think the
current implementation is valid? We might be able to do something
about it, as I generally don't think suppress the token is a good idea

I'm wrong about about token is not validating against the W3
Validator; it does validate, my bad.

I was assuming this because I'm working on a site that must validate
against the Webrichtlijnen (, these are
Dutch accessibility (based on the WCAG) guidelines. One of the
guidelines prescribes the separation of HTML and CSS, so we can't use
inline styles like the authenticity token does (it create a div with
an inline style). I also think It's a good practice.

In the patch I removed the inline styles and replaced it with a class
and the class styles are in the stylesheet now.