Support for SSL configuration in cable.yml


AFAIK when you intend to run a redis connection via SSL you have to overwrite

ActionCable::SubscriptionAdapter::Redis.redis_connector. My current solution

looks something like:

cert = config[:ssl_params][:cert]

key  = config[:ssl_params][:key]

config = config.merge(

  ssl_params: {

    ca_file: config[:ssl_params][:ca_file],





which lives in an initializer.

I’m wondering if a change to the redis subscription adapter, which would allow a cable.yml configurations like:


  adapter: redis

  url: rediss://redis-cluster


    ca_file: /certs/ca.pem

    cert:    /certs/cert.pem

    key:     /certs/key.pem

would be a welcome addition to the rails/action-cable? If that’s the case I’d be happy to start on a patch. If this is more

of an edge case and the change is not welcome, I understand but would appreciate some feedback on my current approach

and would like to submit a patch to at least mention this option in the documentation.

Thanks for your time,

Have a great week.