Suport Composite Primary Keys

Hi :

I am new to RoR and i tring to migrate a web system from php to RoR.
When i start to read the docs of active record i find that not suport
is give to composite primary keys.
Finding in the forums, i find a extencion that makes it posible. But
each time you update the RoR it can stop work.

When i develop the php system, first i create de database and the
relationships between
tables, and then code the pages. Based on that many tables has
relations based and 2 o more fields. Is a old system that has 5 year
At this time i need a more powerful framework, and RoR is the choise.

My question is :
This feature is planing to be include as part of RoR in a future
version or is discarted and it is out of the plans?

Thanks in advance

Try Dr. Nic's gem:

Further questions should be directed to the rubyonrails-talk mailing list.