Super Noob asking questions regarding html on views (specifically regarding bootstrap theme)

Hi everyone,

New member so please go easy, I only started learning to code in the last year so there’s a lot of things that I should know that may come naturally to people but not me (yet).

My questions are as follows:

I have completed the rails guide “make a blog tutorial” and want to actually use it as a personal blog, but if you’ve done the tutorial then you know that the finished result looks like a piece of crap so I have been trying to work the bootstrap theme into it to clean it up and make it look like a more functioning reasonable site.

First Question: Now I know that the views are written in html using embedded ruby but wanted to ask if there are any differences between regular html and embedded ruby html that I should know about?

Second Question: Ditto but with CSS - In short when writing the CSS rules for stylesheets is there anything that I have to be aware of when linking them with embedded ruby html?

Third Question: This one you don’t have to answer but it is for anyone who’s done the rails tutorial - If anyone could give me an code snippet so that I could get the last article written to display on the landing page then I would be super grateful!!

Fourth Question: If I do add the bootstrap theme to the blog then do you think its bum will look too big in it? (Again you don’t have to answer this one)