Subversion, testing a quickstart guide, version control for a Rails project

I just burned 3 hours figuring out Subversion, so I made up a little quickstart guide.

Try the guide and see if you can get version control going in ... say ... 30 minutes?

I assume your situation is:
    You are setting up version control on a new subdirectory on your
    You will copy your entire rails project directory tree into the new
subdirectory after you get subversion running.
    With subversion, you are always working on a COPY of your project
subdirectory. Once under subversion, you only edit the copy.
    You are running Linux, like Ubuntu or Fedora
    You will store your repository on your local computer.

Here is the subversion online book:

Monkey see, monkey do example of simple svn setup for a single user
keeping a repository of a single subdirectory development project called
"weedy", showing use of "add *" to suck up stuff as it is created.

Get subversion using your package manager, like on Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install subversion; use rpm for Red Hat type distros

verify svn --version

These examples are for a project subdirectory called "weedy" change for
your need. Be sure to create branches, tags and trunk.

username-$ mkdir /home/username/repository
username~$ svnadmin create /home/username/repository
username~$ mkdir weedy/branches
username~$ mkdir weedy/tags
username~$ mkdir weedy/trunk
username~$ svn import /home/username/weedy

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