Submitting multiple values to the DB from one submit form...

Hi all,
i'v been trying to understand how can i add more then one record to
the DB from a form in a single shot so to say..
I have an ITEM module, it has an ItemID and TYPEofItem , the
TypeofItem is been selected from a dropdown list that populates the
item types i have in another module *(called Types)..
I have everything working nicly and i am adding the ItemID with no
but! i am trying to understand if i can type in more then one ItemID
(with the same ItemType value) and submitting them all at once to the
Maby crating a list object (i have no idea on how to do that in the
view..) and filling out rows with differnt ID's and then running on
the list and adding them all...
Can someone please help me understand how to do that ? - thank's...