submitting aform using link_to_remote

      But i am already using form_remote_tag, i dont want to use submit_to_remote.I want to use link_to_remote to submit the whole form .how to do this

actually there is a trick in the middle of both worlds... you declare your form with a form_remote_tag, then you make a link_to_function to fire the onsubmit of the form. That way you are getting all the arguments of the form serialized without doing it yourself.


javier ramirez

You can :submit option of link_to_remote.

If you want to submit a table called my_table contains fields just use

<%= link_to_remote( "<input type=button value=Submit style='font-size:
                                        :submit => "my_table",
                                        :url => {:controller =>
"controller", :action => "action"} ) %>

wtih this inputs in the table are serialized and posted as form.