Subject: [ANN] ri_cal 0.6.1 Released

ri_cal version 0.6.1 has been released!

This version has no functional changes from 0.6.0, it fixes an obscure problem with the spec:with_activesupport rake task, found by Paul Scott-Murphy

* <; * <by Rick DeNatale>

A new Ruby implementation of RFC2445 iCalendar.

The existing Ruby iCalendar libraries (e.g. icalendar, vpim) provide for parsing and generating icalendar files, but do not support important things like enumerating occurrences of repeating events.

This is a clean-slate implementation of RFC2445.

A Google group for discussion of this library has been set up


### 0.6.1 - 6 June 2009 * Fixed problem with file which loads activesupport for the rake spec:with_activesupport task, it now    requires >=2.2 instead of <=2.2 - Thanks to Paul Scott-Murphy for finding this. ### 0.6.0 - 5 June 2009 Time for a minor version bump. * Improved overall enumeration performance bypassing most of the effects of the poor performance of Ruby's DateTime class. * Added a framework for performance monitoring during development.    - New performance directory with subdirs for code to be monitored for performance (subjects)    - New script files:         script/benchmark_subject runs a ruby benchmark on one performance subject         script/profile_subject runs ruby-prof for a subject and puts a kcachegrind compatible calltree in the performance_data directory.    - New rake tasks:         performance:benchmark runs benchmarks against all subjects in the performance directory and produces a consolidated output file in performance_data/benchmarks.out         performance:profile runs script/profile_subject against all subjects in the performance directory. ### 0.5.3 - 1 June, 2009 * Improved performance of time zone enumeration, TimeZonePeriod now caches occurrences * Added a profiling directory which contains ruby programs which benchmark and/or profile performance ### 0.5.2 * Fixed    Export folding is not UTF-8 Safe ### 0.5.1 * Fixed README to acknowledge release on RubyForge ### 0.5.0 rubyforge release candidate Tue May 26 10:26:43 2009 -0400 * Added OccurrenceEnumerator#zulu_occurrence_range ### 0.0.11 Sat May 23 18:24:57 2009 -0400 * Fixed * Fixed ### 0.0.10 * Fixed ### 0.0.9   * Fixed     Missing comparison methods in PropertyValue::Date   * Fixed     Type of dtstart and dtend (DATE or DATETIME) now preserved on enumeration ### 0.0.8   * Fixed     EXDATE and RDATE now pick up the timezone from DateTime, Time, and TimeWithZone values   * Fixed     Missing arithmetic methods in PropertyValue::Date   * Fixed        Components with no recurrence rules or rdate properties failed on enumeration, they now        will enumerate a single occurrence ### 0.0.7 * Fixed a bug relating to properly recognizing ActiveRecord::TimeWithZone * DATETIME propertyvalues will now return an instance of TimeWithZone instead of DateTime when    activesupport is present, and it is appropriate. See the README for details ### 0.0.6 * Added rake tasks to run specs with either the tzinfo gem or activesupport (<=2.2) * Default rake task now runs both of these ### 0.0.5 * Fixed a bug in occurrence enumeration reported by paulsm on github ### 0.0.4 * Fixed a bug in imported timezones reported by paulsm on github ### 0.0.3 * Added tzid method to Ruby Time and DateTime instances, and to ActiveRecord::TimeWithZone if it is defined this method is used to determine the desired timezone when an instance of one of these classes is given as the value of a datetime property. If the tzid is nil then the default tzid is used, if it is set to :floating then the property will be a floating time. * Removed the ability to pass an array with a tzid string and a date-time since the above made it unnecessary * The ruby datetime property returned from the ruby_value method on the DateTime property will return an instance of ::DateTime with:    ** The proper utc offset    ** The tzid set to the right tzid * Made exdate/rdate building possible * Added a default_tzid attribute to the Calendar component, if this attribute is not set for a particular calendar it will delegate to the default set for the DateTime property class. * Added fix patches from    ** GitHub - kdgm/ri_cal: New Rfc 2445 (iCalendar) gem for Ruby    ** GitHub - wesmaldonado/ri_cal: New Rfc 2445 (iCalendar) gem for Ruby

### 0.0.2 * Fixed gemspec ## 0.0.1

* <; * <by Rick DeNatale>