Styling the date_select objects

Hello People,

jsut wanted to know how I could add style to the date_select helper
objects. I'm currently using the style option ( :style => '' ... " )
but this isn't working. Anyone could help me with that issue.

Best Regards,


Here's just one example I ran across:

Although it's nice having those helpers and they work fine in many
cases, I generally prefer to forgo them altogether for public facing
web sites and go with something a lot more flexible. I have used the
JavaScript calendar widget with good success.

Unfortunately, getting the resulting date into the database takes a
little bit of work on the controller side, since you don't get the
automatic parsing of the date into the database as with the
date_select helpers. This provides a much nicer user experience in my
opinion. And if it takes a little bit more work on my part to give my
users a great experience then I call that a win.