style question: "update or create" active record

I find that I'm frequently writing code that could be described in
english as "If there is an incumbent ActiveRecord that meets some
specific criteria, then update one or more of its fields. Otherwise
create a new record with the same criteria and new field values."

ActiveRecord's dynamic finder methods (find_or_create_by_xxx) are not
usually expressive enough to do this. But I haven't been able to create
a general method that smells right. It's been bugging me, so I turn to
the mavens of style in this forum for suggestions.

As an example, I just wrote this monstrosity:

  def set_xattribute(name, value)
    symbol_name = self.class.intern_symbol_name(name)
    incumbent = SymbolValue.
      where(:symbol_values => {:symbol_name_id =>}).
      where(:symbol_values => {:owner_id =>}).
      where(:symbol_values => {:xclass_id =>
    if (incumbent)
      incumbent.update_attribute(:value, value)
      SymbolValue.create(:symbol_name_id =>,
                         :owner_id =>,
                         :xclass_id => self.class.xclass_id,
                         :value => value)

Note the huge amount of repetition between the "finder" (incumbent =
...) and the "creator" (SymbolValue.create(...)). I can think of a few
approaches to DRYing this code (e.g. scopes), but what do the mavens of
style in this forum suggest?

- ff