Struggling with esbuild

Struggling with esbuild

With the arrival of Rails 7.0, i have tried moving from webpack to esbuild but struggle with it.

  1. I understand how to load jquery or jqueryui (and now datatables) but how do i load flatpickr? Dropzone? Select2? And globally any other library?

  2. I know that theoretically import jquery from “jquery” window.jQuery = jquery window.$ = jquery Should make $ available in the views… but sometimes it doesnt but i have no idea why (even if esbuild compiles) Any idea how to troubleshoot?


  1. Why do you need to switch away from webpack?
  2. If you like, you can try out shakapacker (new webpacker) support for esbuild and we’ll give you a hand to make this work. We’ve got a Slack discussion linked in the README.