Struggling with a model - are there good developers to help?

Hi guys, I’m new with web development so I’m sorry if my question sounds trivial.

I’m building an app to write wine tasting notes, and I have to translate this tasting framework (only the first page) into a model.

I sketched a possible solution in this spreadsheet but I’m not sure about it. What do you think about?


Good start, certainly. You might want to flesh out what each field type is as well. I'm unsure of what all the fields in the wines table are, although I can make a few guesses.

Let me also say that your effort at modelling is well done for a beginner — not many even bother to think about things like this.

Hey there,

First of all for a beginner this is pretty good.

However, i kinda miss something here (correct me if i understood that one wrong).

I think what you are trying to archieve is that users can taste wine and then rate it. So if you set a wine belongs to a user it seems like that user actually made that wine and rated it afterwards.

I guess what you want is some Kind of rating model which belongs to a user and a wine, which has an appearance etc instead of giving the wine those relations.

That way different users can actuall rate a wine and a wine can habe different ratings (if thats how it is meant).

If the rating should only be done by one user an is objective representativ you are gold to go with what ive seen.