Strore pdf in amazon s3 using cron

Hello Everyone,

I have one model called Message.

User can send messages along with 2 more images.

I need to take a pdf of each message and store it in amazon s3 for daily basses.

I need to show that .pdf (one message) file for admin to download that pdf.

I am using wicked_pdf gem to generate pdf and whenever gem for cron task.

I can generate pdf file in browser by “generate_pdf” action.


I dont know how to get pdf and store that amazon using cron.

Please help!

Next time, please read the documentation before asking a question.

Save it to a file like shown above ^^

Then use the official aws-s3 gem to upload the file.

Write a class or a rake task which does the above, then use whenever to schedule it every day.

Hi Dheeraj

Actually i already saw that… but i didn’t knew how to use.

But now i got it by trying trying and facing error and correct myself.

Now i coded rake task to automatically upload each messages as pdf into amazon s3. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, happy weekend.