strange thing w/

2 things are going on here

1) i don't believe you are getting back what you think you are getting
back from .map
2) the entity you are working with in your block is the actual entity,
not a copy. so you are basically overwriting your original array of

.map returns a new array based on whatever it is you do in within the block

[1,2,3].map { |x| x*3 } #=> [3,6,9]

in your case the last statement in the block is

entity.title += " (#{entity.status_title})"

so your block is going to return whatever that evaluates to, not the
entity object you are expecting.

in addition, your block is actually overwriting all the values of the
@entities objects you are passing in. if you were to compare the
titles of the @entities objects before and then after .map is called,
you're going to see that they are different.


class Thing
  attr_accessor :foo

a = = "abc"
b = = "xyz"

x = [a,b].map { |c| += " modified" } # => "abc modified" # => "xyz modified"
x = ["abc modified", "xyz modified"] # you expected this to be an
array of Thing objects

if you do want to overwrite the attributes of your objects, just use .each

@entities.each do |entity|