Strange Session Issue

Hey Everyone,

This is tricky. I'm having a very strange issue with a particular app
which, we think, is related to sessions. I'm afraid it's very hard to
explain, so if you would like anything elaborated on then please let
me know.

A user registers at my site, and activate their account. They attempt
to log in, and the system rejects their password, even if it's
correct. But, if the user then clears their cache/cookies (we're not
entirely sure which, because we can't replicate the error ourselves),
and then attempts with the same password they are logged in without a

It's possible that this issue is isolated only to IE users, as we have
only received complaints from them - although we have tried ourselves
in multiple flavours of IE with no problem.

I understand this isn't very well explained, so if you would like to
see any particular code please ask.

I thank you all in advance,

Edd :slight_smile: