Strange routing(?) Issue

I have a Model event and the following two lines in routes.rb

1 - map.connect "events/:action", :controller => 'events', :action => /
2 - map.resources :events, :has_many => :comments, :has_one
=> :address #, :collection => {:mapit => :get}

I have #1 so that I can call custom actions from a link_to_remote link

<%= link_to_remote "Map", :method => "get", :url => {:action =>
"mapit", :controller => "events"} %>

Please see controller and rake routes output below.

Here is the problem,

With both #1 and #2 line in routes.rb active, if I click the Map link
nothing happens,
I get a 404 ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in EventsController#mapit
<pre>Couldn't find Event without an ID</pre> AND when I create a new
event i just get redirected back to events index page, no record gets

If I uncomment the regular event route i.e. #1, then I still get the
same error with the map link but now I can create and save new event

Any ideas?

the events controller