Strange error - bug in RoR?

Hi --

I have gerated a scaffold_resource for "news" like so:

script/generate scaffold_resource news <fields>

I have also added a route to routes.rb

map.resources :news

I have an application-wide layout that contains a menu with the entry:

<%= link_to("News", news_path) %>

Now, the odd thing is that this generates <applicationurl>/news from
most pages, but the same entry points to <applicationurl>/news/1 from
within the news/1 page and from within the edit page for news 1. Similar
it points to <applicationurl>/2 from the show and edit pages for news 2.
When a news_path occurs anywhere on an news edit or show page, it does
not link to the index action but to the show action for that specific

I have a couple of other models/views/controllers which all work fine,
only the news part shows this odd (and definitely wrong) behavior.

I tried to add :singular => :news to the route definition, but that did
not help.

Is this a bug in RoR?

No. There can only be one method called news_path, and either it is
the singular named route or the plural one.

I would recommend:

   map.resources :news, :singular => "news_item"

Then you can do:

   <%= link_to item.title, news_item_path(item) %>
   <%= link_to "All news", news_path %>

That will separate the singular from the plural, and it actually makes
more sense linguistically too.