Strange diff in 2.1 boot.rb -- exist? vs exists?

I have a project that built in 2.0.2. I want to update to 2.1 so I built a 2.1 empty project and ran meld against the two files to diff and merge them. (by the way, I just fell in love with meld, finally a merge tool that works in my left brained head)

anyway the 2.1 file has a line that says the following.

load(preinitializer_path) if File.exist?(preinitializer_path)

the 2.0.2 file is identical except is uses File.exists? with an "s" on the end of exist

load(preinitializer_path) if File.exists?(preinitializer_path)

As Cecil the sea sick, sea serpent would say "What the heck?"

File.exist? and File.exists? are identical in 1.8. File.exists? is deprecated in 1.9