strange assertion result in functional test

I am testing the 'settings' action, in my Blog controller

  def settings
    @blog = Blog.find(params[:id])
    @setting_form = "settings"

I wrote the following assertions :

    get :settings, :id => @blog[:id]
    assert_not_nil assigns(:blog)
    assert_equal "settings", assigns(:setting_form)

but I get a failure on the assigns(:setting_form) assertion, with diff
nil ... strange ?? what's up ? any clue ?
<> expected but was

thanks for our feedback

[SOLVED] assigns(:blog) is OK because @blog is created in the test
setup, and the get :settings was DENIED ... so the action was never
added the necessary checking in my test :

    sign_in @admin_west
    ability =
    assert ability.can? :settings, Blog
    get :settings, :id => @blog[:id]

and now it passes through