storing a hash in a cookie.

Sam,   > value = {:number => 1, :num_list => [1,2,3]}   > cookies[:some_name] = {:value => value,   > :expires =>}   > I'm getting the gsub error.

I typed your code in the console (see below), and it works fine! Typo?


value={:number => 1, :num_list => [1,2,3]}

=> {:num_list=>[1, 2, 3], :number=>1}

app.cookies[:test]={:value => value, :expires =>}

=> {:value=>{:num_list=>[1, 2, 3], :number=>1}, :expires=>Wed Nov 29 15:57:29 CET 2006}


=> {:value=>{:num_list=>[1, 2, 3], :number=>1}, :expires=>Wed Nov 29 15:57:29 CET 2006}


=> Hash

That looks like something that would *only* work in a test environment

Guys, this is definitely not working in Rails and other people have gotten gsub errors for this. Can somebody tell me how to safely store the value into the cookie as a string and then retrieve that value back into a Hash?


Of course it won't work. Even if it let you set the value, when you later retrieve the cookie it's just a string, and you can't convert it back into a hash. Just marshal it then base64 encode it, then decode/unmarshal it when you read it back. Not that I suggest doing that, I think it's crazy, but it will work.