store session variable in a table

hi,can anyone tell me how a session variable can store in table,

Do you mean change from storing sessions in a cookie to storing in your database? Or do you mean something to do with using the session?

no, suppose that there’s a person who has logged in to a site

and when he fill a form so the data should be stored in a table

with his user id which has stored in his session. so how can

i store it.

You could access the session in the controller at the time the user submits. Depends on what your authentication system does. For instance it might be session[:user]. So you have to do something like   user=User.find(session[:user]) or   User.exists?(session[:user]) to verify the user id is valid. There may be helper methods which come with whatever plugin or system you're using so you should check them out.

If you don't have a system, there are quite a few. acts_as_authenticated, restful_authentication to name 2. You'll need to install one of them and read how to use it.

thank you very much,now i can understand what should i do