Store objects in sessions

I have a non active revord object and i have to find an instance of that object between requests
I have tried to save it in session but as the object uses Libxml i got the error no marshall dump exists
I cannot make an active revord object as it is an object with no attributes just methods
My solution is that not use an instance just The Class but then the code becomes rather complex
So how to find an instance of that object between requests

Any ideas would be appreciated

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If it has "no attributes", then every instance is identical, yes? So why
not instantiate a new one when you need it?

I guess I'm having a hard time understanding your use case.

My fault I did not realized that
My use vase is that I refactored some code as à service object.
That object is a parser and I would like to use the initialize methods
simplify the use of instance variables in different methods
As i understand your suggestion it would be ok to call a new instance
in each controller action