Stopping Default REST support in Rails 2.0.2


Currently i am in learning process and NOT much keen to go with Default
REST support that comes along with Rails 2.0.2.

Neither I am too keen to make changes in ROUTING.

I am very happy with Controller/Action/ID

Can some one guide me How to do this.
(1) I would like to stop default support for REST
(2) I would not like to touch Routing and go with standard way
(3) Is it possible to go with the way i want as mentioned above..

Don't use map.resources or any of the nifty helpers.


On one hand there is nothing forcing your to use REST. The standard
routes will still work just fine in the current version of Rails.

On the other hand Rails has always been an opinionated framework. In
fact that's part of what makes it work and the team makes no apologies
for that. The opinion of Rails is that REST is a good thing, and will
continue down that path for the foreseeable future. That means that
new developments will expect that you are following RESTful
principles. It means that using the scaffold generators are going to
give you RESTful controllers and setup RESTful routes. It means that
SOAP will take a back seat to REST for building web services into
Rails applications.

If you decide to diverge from the opinion set forth by the Rails
framework, you're going to have to work a little bit harder.