STI helper/model mapper

I am currently using STI to manage three different types of Users on a
site. I find this to be a great solution when it comes to DRYing
authentication and basic fields for each type of user. My only caveat
with this method is adding type specific fields to the three classes
of users. Currently each type has it's own ____Profile model
(AdminProfile, CatProfile, DogProfile, etc.). To avoid always having
to do things like cat.cat_profile.fur_color, I've been manually
mapping attributes of the ____Profile classes to their respective user
class so I can just do cat.fur_color. This makes my code a lot cleaner
on the controller and view side, but is huge mess on the model side. I
am wondering if there is a plugin/gem to do these kinds of mappings

Thanks for your help,

You're probably looking for the 'delegate' method that ActiveSupport
defines. Here's an example:

class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :bar

class Bar < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :foo

  delegate :method_one, :method_two, :method_three, :to => :foo

If maintaining that list becomes burdensome, you could probably
metaprogram something by grabbing Foo.attributes or the like.

--Matt Jones