STI and inheritance "type" column class naming

I am running Rails 1.2.6.

I am using a polymorphic association on a belongs to.

My model itself is inherited from another A:R class. When my model
gets saved its base class name gets saved, versus its "real" class
name. This has been detailed on the FAQ at:

Under the question "Why is record.class.base-class stored as the
foreign-type, instead of just record.class?".

A bug has been filed on this:

The bug ticket above contains some patches to fix this, however, I
REALLY do not want to patch my Rails core. Plus, when I applied that
patch only 3 out of 5 patches succeeded. I guess I could try and fix
the other two by hand. At this point it just seems messy.

Are there any other solutions? Or I am screwed?