Status of Ticket 11091?

This ticket provides a patch to allow using uploaded files in Integration tests.

It's been verified and several people seem to want it. (It fixes a
problem first ticketed 2 years ago).

There was a problem with the testcase which was part of the original
patch, because of the way the TESTCASE was written it was breaking
some other actionpack tests.

In fixing this problem I discovered that the existing tests for
testing integration testing was leaking monkey patched code which
prevented the new testcase for 11091 from working. I fixed both the
11091 testcase, and the base testcase in a second patch.

Shortly after that I realized that even if 11091 was unacceptable, the
base testcase should be fixed, so I opened which made it into changeset
8899 in slightly modified form.

After realizing that this had happened I produced a third version of
the patch, which simply removed the overlapping fix for the base

So now ticket 11091 has a patch which is compatibie with trunk as of
yesterday at least. All tests pass, and the code which actually
implements the patch function is unchanged so it still should be

I'd like to get this into trunk if possible.