Status of ActiveRecord vs ActiveModel validations?

So, with the ActiveRecord validations error message I18n being somewhat improved now, I wanted to focus on this functionality for Rails 3 next.

Looking at current master (which is the foundation for Rails 3, right?) I'm somewhat confused about finding related functionality still duplicated in ActiveRecord and ActiveModel though.

What's the current status and what are the plans for Rails 3 here?

Will Rails 3 still ship ActiveRecord specific validation/error message logic? Or will it use ActiveModel and those bits will be removed from ActiveRecord?

Or, put differently: When I want to change things in the I18n logic for validation error messages - should I work on master/activerecord or master/activemodel?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I would say activerecord should inheirt any localizations made to activemodel. Is there anything I'm overlooking? I guess people have to update there own validations keys to "".