Startup Chile Company Looking For Founding Developer/CTO

Hi everyone,

My name is Jennifer Turliuk. I'm currently in Santiago, Chile for the next 6 months as part of the Startup Chile program. I think you may be able to help me out. We are looking to bring on a developer ASAP (see description below).

We'd love to hear from you. Or, if you know of anyone that may be interested, we'd be very grateful if you would pass this along.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Jenn

*Startup Chile Company Looking for Founding Developer/CTO*

We’re building a highly curated online marketplace where people can find others to exchange skills with on a one-to-one, offline basis. We’re looking for a full-time founding developer/CTO to join us, starting with the first 6 months in Santiago, Chile as part of the Startup Chile program.

*About Us*: - Selected for Startup Chile program (alumni: Cruisewise, Gym-pact) - Secured seed funding - Finalist in competition to shadow Dave McClure (500 Startups) - Spoke on stage with Peter Thiel - First website was featured in magazine at age 13 - Top sales associate in one of N.A.’s most aggressive sales environments - Publicity stunt garnered $4MM in media coverage in 24hrs - Attended the Oscars & Grammys - Member of exclusive kiteboarding group with CEOs of Dropbox, Scribd, Gowalla, etc.

*About the Role*: - Build an AirBnB for skills-exchanges, where people can list skills that they can offer and want to learn (e.g. if they want to learn Spanish and can teach programming, they can find people to exchange with via trade or money) - Create a new sharing economy where time is the currency - Join a tight team that is serious about winning but also has a great time - Opportunity to build a team and manage others as we grow - Flexible compensation includes flights to South America, accommodation, salary, and equity.

*About You*: - Comfortable with backend work, particularly working with databases and keeping an eye on application performance - Excited by challenges and the flexibility of a consumer-facing web startup - A deep-seated love of efficient/elegant Python, Ruby, Node.js or Django (front-end knowledge is also helpful) - Passionate about the business idea - Able to relocate to Santiago, Chile for 6 months fairly quickly.

Contact us at by February 1st.