Starting point for Ruby on Rails

As I am doing internship which uses ruby on rails . So i know how to use ruby on rails for web development . Now I want to proceed in the direction of developing rails code, basically “contributing to rails” . So please help me how to proceed as i have already forked rails directory and now going through code to understand rails coding.

Some tips are required for the initiation.

Please help me!!


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Hi Puneet,

Please see



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Hi Vijay,

I have gone through this documentation already and followed steps which were mentioned there . I have forked rails repositry and setup my rals development box. But now how to start like what is the entry point to understand the codebase??


There really isn’t a single entry point into the code. Rails is made up of several components, and so it’s a matter of picking which one of those components you want to study and understand. Personally, I enjoy railties and ActionController and so the majority of my contributions have been to those areas.

Rails is an extremely complex piece of code. I would suggest signing up to, subscribing to the Rails project there and reviewing the issues as they arrive in your mailbox each day.

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I’d recommend that you take for example rails runner, or rails server, and perform a code walkthrough to understand the Rails boot process.

I did that exercise many years ago and was light and day for me, because by following the boot process you see how’s everything glued together. And you go from a series of separate components in your head, to an integrated view of what’s going on in a Rails application.

With that perspective, then you can go on the way you like. By then you’ll know better the approach you want to take.

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Thanks Xavier.