ssl with subdomains


I am writing an application that uses subdomains for the different
customers that access it. For example and

I need to have portions of the application under ssl. I have attempted
different ways of doing Including the following code in my

def redirect_to_ssl

     @cont = controller_name

     @act = action_name

     if !request.subdomains.first.nil?
       @subdomain = request.subdomains.first + '.'
       @subdomain = ''

unless (@request.ssl? or local_request?)


This, however does not work, and i get an error stating that there are
too many redirects.

What is the best way of accomplishing this. If need be I will make the
entire site ssl, but I can't even figure out how to do that in the
apache.conf because of the subdomains.

Any help would be great!



SSL certificates are typically tied to a specific subdomain. A single
'Wildcard' certificate can handle multiple subdomains, but they're also
considerably more expensive.

Your easiest option is probably to use a wildcard and make the whole
site SSL encrypted. I've never used wildcards though, so I can't
personally vouch for their ease of use.

Thanks for the reply!

I have purchased a wild card domain, the issue is though, have either
apache or my app redirecting to an ssl connection on certain