sqlite db transfer

Hi all,
My question is related to the sqlite db I'm using with my rails app.
I was thinking if its possible to save the file
(ROR_DIR/db/development.sqlite) and then if somehow the db gets erased
or if I do a rollback and then a migrate can I retrieve my information
by copying the file back to the same location ?

Since I'm hosting the app from my linux box and most of colleagues use
it, I would like to make copies of my database periodically, I'm scared
about losing all the information. Is there a way to do this ?

Can anyone please suggest a solution..

Thanks in advance

The .sqlite file is just a file like any other. You can back it up
using your normal backup mechanism and if necessary just restore the
file from your backup.

Note though that sqlite is not really appropriate for a production
environment. In particular I believe it does not cope with multi user