SQL - Merging fields from two tables into one, including dup


I have two tables, nutritions and food_options. nutritions has two fields, fooditem_id, taken and . food_options has two fields, fooditem_id and taken. fooditem_id in nutritions and food_options will point to id in food_items table(third table).

I want to select all records from nutritions and food_options into a new table, C with Fields fooditem_id and taken. This means I need to combine the values of fooditem_id in nutritions and fooditem_id in food_options into one field (fooditem_id), including the duplicates in both tables.

EX: nutritions id fooditem_id taken 1 23 1 2 23 1

food_options id fooditem_id taken 1 34 1

C id fooditem_id taken 1 23 1 2 23 1 3 34 1

How can I do this?

thanks, srinath