Sprockets, JST, Eco and escaping

While it was a good move from Rails part to escape ERB <%= %>
tags by default, it doesn’t seem to happen to Sprockets as well.

The strange bit is that according to Sprockets documentation, it

would be just a matter of naming your template as .jst.eco to enable


Then, extracted from Eco documentation:


<%= expression %>: Evaluate a CoffeeScript expression,

escape its return value, and print it.

It means that by default it should escape "expression". So why isn't

escaping happening by default on Rails JST eco templates?

I know about templating alternatives like Handlebars or Knockout,

but I actually want to be able to use some ERB-like template.

For example, as far as I could find out Handlebars won't support

local helpers for instance. I don’t like the idea of polluting the
global space with lots of helpers because it would be a mess for me
to maintain such code.

Also, I miss an easy way to embed something like products_path in my

ECO templates for obvious reasons, but this is a minor issue for
me… Escaping is a very important one though.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry, please ignore this message.

It does escape. The problem is that Chrome's inspector won't show

them escaped

Sorry, again,