spreadsheet-like presentation gem?

Is there a gem that will present things in a spreadsheet-like style? I tried searching via both Google and rubygems.org and found mainly things to import and export .xls and Google Spreadsheets. There was also the Exercise gem, which had zero documentation about what it *does*, which doesn't make me confident in using it.

Why do I ask?

I've made a little app (http://thedecider.heroku.com) in which the presentation of the main object (a Decision) is like a spreadsheet. Along the top are Alternatives, down the left side are Factors, and in each cell is the Rating for that Alternative in that Factor. For instance, a Decision titled "What car should I buy?" might have Alternatives like Accord, Camry, Prius, etc., and Factors like Price, Reliability, Fuel Economy, etc. In each cell would be ratings such as "Very Good" in the Prius column of the Economy row.

This sort of spreadsheet-like appearance strikes me as common enough, and maybe just barely complex enough (i.e., sufficiently error-prone and tedious), that there just might already be a gem for it. But I couldn't find any. So I figured that since I've now invented this wheel, if there isn't one already, I may as well isolate it, make it a gem, and publish it. Do you think it would be useful to anybody?

Thanks, Dave