Split checkbox_tag into two or three columns

What I have is a list of audience types attending a training, and I
would like to split the list of checked items into two or three columns
instead of having one long list with checkboxes.

Here is my current code which works fine however it is presented in one
long list that you need to scroll down to see it all.

Is this even possible, and if it is, is it proper to do this having
mobile access in mind?

      <% @audiences.each do |audience| -%>
        <%= check_box_tag('training[audience_ids][]', audience.id,
@training.audience_ids.include?(audience.id)) %>
        <%= audience.name %>
      <% end -%>


Not a Rails question but --

I'd probably use the CSS3 column-* attributes with appropriate
breakpoints for smaller devices.


I never thought about CSS3... Thank you!!