Speeding up asset pre-compilation process

My deployments are taking more time because of the asset
precompilation process. I am using capistrano.

I tried a couple of things to speed up this.

1) Overwriting the assets:precompile task, just to skip the
precompilation process if no assets have been changed from the last
time to this time.

2) Using turbo sprockts gem, https://github.com/ndbroadbent/turbo-sprockets-rails3

Here is the reference

The first one is working fine, but i want to with more standard way,
with the turbo sprockets gem.

I tested the gem in my local machine its giving an improvement of 1/3
of the total time. However i think it should perform better than that.
Most of my assets are coming from the the custom UI gem i use for the

Does anyone tried that before? or could you suggest anything better
those two solutions?

Why would you waste your time on such a meaningless task? And I
literally mean meaningless. If you are deploying more than once a day
and that deployment is disrupting your life, you've problems in your
development process, and if it's disrupting your life, you've problems
with your job.