Speed Your Rails App with Model Caching using Redis.

While learning Rails, little emphasis is given on performance partly because most of those tutorials are usually small applications with minimal records. But as one progresses and starts handling huge apps, performance becomes critical. Optimizing queries and handling bottlenecks such as N + 1 query problem tops todo list...

Check out more on this tutorial by following the link http://www.victorareba.com/tutorials/speed-your-rails-app-with-model-caching-using-redis

I’d like to toss in the gem bullet, which we’ve begun using in one of our apps, that shows database queries that are slow and how to speed them up.

That said, I still have to give Knuth’s remark: “Premature optimisation is the root of all evil.” Basically: don’t start optimising until you have something to actually measure and tune. :slight_smile: