Specify HTML options on select_year

Hi Wes,

Please could you post the snippet of view code you are using? cheers


Here's an example:

<%= select_year(DateTime.now.year, :start_year => 1960, :end_year =>
DateTime.now.year, :prefix => "school", :field_name => "yearfrom",
:include_blank => true) %>

If you read the source code for select_year carefully
(api.rubyonrails.org), you'll see that any regular HTML options do not
get passed to the "select_html" call, just option tag values and
"select_html" - specific options (which are not HTML options).

I ended up using Prototype to set up the onchange handlers dynamically,
which, as it turns out, is a better practice, and was actually better
suited for what I was doing.