spec testing controllers

I just started using rspec and mocha to test all of my controllers.
Before I was using factory girl to test do my testing, but all those
database hits really take a long time. However i'm finding i'm spending
way more time writing stubs and mocks to satisfy my controllers than I
am actually writing tests.

This is a two part general question
1) Am i doing something completely wrong in my controllers? I'm testing
with integrate_views and the number of times something.stubs(:each)
comes up way to often in my specs. Most of my controllers involve at
least 2 normally 3 models.

2) Is there a way to auto generate stubs and mocks like factory-girl, so
i don't have to worry about populating every last property of every last
mock_model'd ? I can just call Mock_Factory.create(:website) and set up
a list of defaults somewhere else?

I feel like my stubs and mocks are supposed to help me, not confuse me:


Your thoughts?

Hi Richard,

I haven't used it myself, but you might find this thread [1] of
interest. In particular, Murray Steele's fork [2] of factory_girl
sounds a bit like what you are looking for.

Alternatively, David Chelimsky's Stubble [3] might offer an
alternative approach, although I think that currently requires a small
patch to Mocha.

Regards, James.

[1] http://rubyurl.com/23WA
[2] http://github.com/h-lame/factory_girl/tree/master
[3] http://github.com/dchelimsky/stubble

Thanks for the reply James! These certainly look promising and merit
digging into further. Looks like others have the same idea, but there is
no cohesive standard/incredibly-stable&proven way to do this.