Spam in my comments

I've started to get problems with my rails site, I've had loads of comments containing stuff like this...

What can I do (have taken the site down for now).

I'm after a really simple solution, can i just do some clever validation to fail this cr&p?

I don't really want to implement captcha or the like if I can avoid it.

Site is down for now until I figure a solution, please let me know if you can help?



You might use negative captchas, require login, common captchas, the askimet web service, there are plenty of ways to avoid spamming :slight_smile:

OK but what about just validation statements in the models?

Can I do it like that, maybe screening for some regex's ?

For what? A link?

Your user could paste a link.

There's no easy way to tell that a comment is a spam (you would need a tool to perform analysis on the comment content to mark it as spam, that's exactly what tools like Askimet do).

acts_as_snook is great for capturing stuff like that:

superb, thanks! I put Snook in place. Looks great.