sortable_element - issue with passing parameter with the method called from the :url => :action

Is it possible to pass a parameter with the method call attached to the :action of sortable_element? I've put together the code below which doesn't work but it demonstrates the desired behavior.

# in the view (well, in the helper really but in a method that's called from the view).     container_ids_containing_items.each do |container_id|       output += sortable_element(         ["items_contained_by_container_id_", container_id].join,         :constraint => false,         :handle => "gearItemValueTitle",         :containment => { |n| ["items_contained_by_container_id_", n].join},         :scroll => "window",         :url => {:action => "update_contained_items_positions(\"#{container_id}\")"})

# in the controller   def update_contained_items_positions(container_id)     # ... - perform save   end

just noticed an issue with the quoting of the paramter. I've fixed it but it still doesn't work, here is the updated sample:

    container_ids_containing_items.each do |container_id|       output += sortable_element(         ["items_contained_by_container_id_", container_id].join,         :constraint => false,         :handle => "gearItemValueTitle",         :containment => { |n| ["items_contained_by_container_id_", n].join},         :scroll => "window",         :url => {:action => "update_contained_items_positions(#{container_id})"}) # <---- made change to the quoting of container_id


Instead of passing a parameter like that in the action, pass it as a separate has value. I.e.:

:url => {:action => "update_contained_items_positions", :id => container_id }

Then, in the controller action, just use params[:id] to reference the id.

I don't know that action methods can include arguments as I don't know how the routing would handle that.

See if that helps.