Some help with metric-fu

I'm apologize for my English, before.

I'm doing a post graduation thesis about BDD, an my initial idea is to compare a ruby program built by TDD and after by BDD. In these cases, the both projects have identical code, excepts the tests that were made by Test::Unit and Rspec respectively. So I'm using some code metrics like rcov, flay, flog and etc. for compare the generated tests.

I made the same for a rails project. I built a blog with three models (user, post and comment) using TDD approach using Test::Unit. After I did the same project using the BDD approach for build the same code but using rspec instead Test::Unit framework. In both projects the total number of tests are the same and the code generated are identical. So I tried to use metric-fu for compare these rails projects and the results left me frustrated.

The flog and roodi's metrics showing noting! I need to measure files user.rb, post.rb, comment.rb in app/models and user_test.rb, post_test.rb, comment_test.rb in test/unit.

My metric-fu.rake is:

begin   require 'metric_fu' do |config|         #define which metrics you want to use         config.metrics = [:churn, :saikuro, :stats, :flog, :flay, :reek, :roodi, :rcov]         config.graphs =         config.flay = { :dirs_to_flay => ['app/models', 'test/unit', 'lib'] }         config.flog = { :dirs_to_flog => ['app/models', 'test/unit', 'lib'] }         config.reek = { :dirs_to_reek => ['app/models', 'test/unit', 'lib'] }         config.roodi = { :dirs_to_roodi => ['app/models','test/unit', 'lib'] }         config.saikuro = { :output_directory => 'scratch_directory/saikuro',                             :input_directory => ['app/models', 'test/unit', 'lib'],                             :cyclo => "",                             :filter_cyclo => "0",                             :warn_cyclo => "5",                             :error_cyclo => "7",                             :formater => "text"}         config.churn = { :start_date => "1 year ago", :minimum_churn_count => 10}         config.rcov[:rcov_opts] << "-Itest"   end rescue LoadError end

and for rails rspec project

begin   require 'metric_fu' do |config|         #define which metrics you want to use         config.metrics = [:churn, :saikuro, :stats, :flog, :flay, :reek, :roodi, :rcov]         config.graphs =         config.flay = { :dirs_to_flay => ['app/models', 'spec/models', 'lib'] }         config.flog = { :dirs_to_flog => ['app/models', 'spec/models', 'lib'] }         config.reek = { :dirs_to_reek => ['app/models', 'spec/models', 'lib'] }         config.roodi = { :dirs_to_roodi => ['app/models','spec/models', 'lib'] }         config.saikuro = { :output_directory => 'scratch_directory/saikuro',                             :input_directory => ['app/models', 'spec/models', 'lib'],                             :cyclo => "",                             :filter_cyclo => "0",                             :warn_cyclo => "5",                             :error_cyclo => "7",                             :formater => "text"}         config.churn = { :start_date => "1 year ago", :minimum_churn_count => 10}         config.rcov[:rcov_opts] << "-Itest" # doens't work too.   end rescue LoadError end

I need to improve this rake file for show more information (and to include flog and roodi measures).

For me rcov doesn't work with this default configuration:

config.rcov = { :test_files => ['test/**/*_test.rb',                                             'spec/**/*_spec.rb'],                             :rcov_opts => ["--sort coverage",                                            "--no-html",                                            "--text-coverage",                                            "--no-color",                                            "--profile",                                            "--rails",                                            "--exclude /gems/,/Library/,spec"]} Why?

And when I execute rake metrics :all these errors happen:

(in /home/bruno/workRails/blog_spec)

* master

/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/flog-2.1.2/bin/flog:11: undefined method `flog_files' for #<Flog:0xb7903708> (NoMethodError)

  from /usr/local/bin/flog:19:in `load'

  from /usr/local/bin/flog:19

No file to analyze was found. All the files loaded by rcov matched one of the

following expressions, and were thus ignored:



/_test\.rb\z/,   … and blablabla

Can anyone help me with these questions?

Thank's so much, Bruno.