Solr Search with one to many associations

I have a 2 entities which have many to many relation say teacher and slot. Each teacher has many classes he/she takes up and each class is a slot. I want to perform search on teacher by sunspot solr for all the teacher who takes classes for different days in specific time.

Say model structures and relations as follows

    class Teacher < ActiveRecord::Base

      attr_accessible - name, address, phone       has many :slots

      searchable do

        string :day, multiple => true, stored => true do          end

        string :start_time, multiple => true, stored => true do          end

        string :start_time, multiple => true, stored => true do          end       end     end

    class Slot < ActiveRecord::Base       attr_accessible - day, start_time, end_time teacher_id       belongs_to :teacher     end

The possible values for day attribute is slot are "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", etc and start and end time would be "2:00pm", "6:00pm", etc in the database

How would I perform solr search query for the teachers who are having for 3 days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between the time "2:00pm" and "5:00pm"

I am trying with following code which is not taking "AND" condition to retrieve only the teachers having classes all 3 days rather taking as "OR" condition. do       with(:day, "Monday")       with(:day, "Tuesday")       with(:day, "Wednesday")       with(:start_time).greater_than_or_equal_to("2:00pm")       with(:end_time).less_than_or_equal_to("5:00pm")     end.results

I am using solr version 3.5 and sunspot_rails (2.0.0) and sunspot_solr (2.0.0) gems for solr in rails and my rails version is 3.2.6