soapenc:base64 and xsd:base64Binary

Hello guys,

I have a little mix in all those webservices and wsdl files and all
this things, and I have maybe a strange question.

I'm trying to consume webservice from different webservice
implementation than ror. And I there is one thing from ror regenerated
wsdl file. Method parameter defined by :base64 type is defined in wsdl
as 'soapenc:base64'. My question is, why this is not xsd:base64Binary
as it is defined by w3org? Or how soapenc:base64 is related to
xsd:base64Binary? My problem is that the comsuming webservice
implementation is not able recognize what soapenc:base64. How can
someone consuming this ror generated wsdl know that soapenc:base64 is
the type standard xsd:base64Binary type?

The relavant part of the ror renerated wsdl file is included at the
bottom of this mail.

Thanks for anyone how can give some suggestions, how to find a