SOAP Call from behind proxy


I am trying to do something that I would think is really easy, but that
doesn't seem to be the case. I am building an application that my
internal colleagues can use, but it hits a SOAP web service out on the
internet. Where I'm struggling is how I can direct the call to our HTTP
proxy for transmission outside our firewall. For our enterprise campus
network, all traffic leaving the intranet hits an HTTP proxy.

For my application I was thinking that I have two options. I could use
SOAP4R to build the SOAP envelope, or I could hardcode the SOAP envelope
and use a Net::HTTP::Proxy object to pass my homegrown envelope to the
proxy. I'd personally rather use the first option since using the WSDL
helps protect me from changes to the format of the message, but I don't
have a very good idea on how to direct the SOAP4R method to the proxy,
with the understanding that the proxy isn't ultimately the endpoint.

Assuming this a bog standard http proxy, soap4r should handle that
already. If my memory is correct there's either an environment
variable you can set, or you can tell soap4r what proxy (and other
connection settings to use), I remember the latter being not
documented (but not too hard to derive from looking at the source