SMS's - whats the cheapest way to send/receive SMS's to/from a Ruby on Rails application?


Whats the cheapest way to send/receive SMS’s to/from a Ruby on Rails application? I’m assuming this might be a company that has a value-for-money means of interfacing to from Rails as a means to send, and receive SMS’s?


Depends on where you live, where you want to send SMSs to and the volume you expect to send. Just google for “sms gateway” and quite a few will pop up. You’ll have to choose what method of interfacing you’d like to use (e-mail sms sending/receiving, xml/webservice api, …) and then compare prices yourself, maybe even try to negotiate a better deal if the total monthly SMS volume is very large.

There is a plugin for sending them, receiving SMSs is always quite a bit harder:

Don’t know what service is uses.

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Or you can so it for free with SMS fu.


I’m in Australia actually, so it seems SMS Fu won’t help here at the moment from what I read. Is this correct?

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Indeed, in the US there are still a few free services, but as soon as you venture into Europe or Australia or you want to receive SMSs and send them with the certainty of arriving in time, you need to use a commercial gateway. Google around for “sms gateway <name_of_australian_providers>” and see which one delivers the best service for you.