Slow ActiveRecord - MySQL

I use find_by_sql to execute a query which takes around 120 seconds to
execute in Ruby. When I execute the same request using SQLyog (GUI),
the requests takes around 15 seconds to execute.

Here's roughly what the query looks like:

SELECT DAY(date_time) "day", COUNT( * ) "count"
FROM table
WHERE (id = some_id)
AND(YEAR(date_time) = 2006)
AND(MONTH(date_time) = 8)
AND(some_string IN ('some short string') )
GROUP BY DAY( date_time );

I'm querying about a million records.

I think he’s saying there are a million rows in the table. A million results grouped by day would mean he has records spanning nearly three millenia :wink:


What do you do then? Paginate by hand?

-- fxn

Yes :slight_smile: